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Everglades Fishing Report
Everglades National Park, FL


Summer is winding down, but the fishing action is Red Hot. The water temperature is in the 80+ degree range, which keeps the fish moving and eating around the outside points - Everglades Fishing ReportShallow clear water, which makes for some real exciting "sight fishing". You'll be surprised how these large fish will move up into the shallow to feed on the bait schools. Many of our recent Redfish catches have taken place with the fish's dorsal fin sticking out of the water!

This is one of the best times of year to go Everglades fishing, as the weather is traditionally clear and blue. Fishing the protected backcountry bays and rivers is some of the most beautiful and productive fishing you'll find anywhere. However, use plenty of SPF 30 and drink lots of water.

As expected, the Redfish fishing has remained very strong over the last few weeks, with "rats" lurking in every shallow bay. Fish for them in mouths of creeks on outgoing tides, or in the back of shallow bays around oysters on a rising tide. They have been hitting everything from live bait to jigs and flies.

Snook fishing has continued to be very good, with usual catches in the 24 - 30 inch range. There are a number of both larger and smaller Snook mixed in as well. And, like the Redfish, they are hitting on live bait, jigs, flies, and topwater plugs. The topwater plugs are the most exciting way to catch them, as they will crash these baits with an explosive attack. This time of year they can be found anywhere from the outside points, or way up in the backcountry. Keep in mind that the current which triggers their feeding can come from the wind, as well as the tide. They love to take up a position on the down tide/wind side of a point that has the current sweeping across it. When stalking them in the backcountry "stealth" is of the utmost importance - even the slightest sound can spook them in shallow water.

Now is when the largest Tarpon of the year, up to 150 pounds, frequent Everglades National Park. They will be targets of opportunity for the next few months. Just off the shorline or the first bay in have been the most reliable producers of Tarpon, often suspended just under the surface. Like Snook, they'll hit a top water plug, or fly (black death, cockroach, EP mullet), early in the morning or evening hours. During the day, a live bait offering will be your best chance of success.

Everglades Fishing Charters at their best !

Captain Brian Richarson

US Coast Guard Licensed Captain | Licensed Park Guide